Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A New President For Egypt The Muslim Brotherhood area

After years of thirst for power and seeking the big chair, the Muslim Brotherhood finally got what they desired for so long. Mohamed Morsi, an active member of The Muslim Brotherhood and the leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, became the fifth president of Egypt.

Morsi won 51.7 percent of the vote while Shafiq received 48.3. According to Al-Dostor newspaper, Morsi’s victory was a political decision, a deal with Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, the chairman of the supreme council of the armed forces of Egypt. And the victory is fake. Morsi didn’t win people’s hearts, he didn’t win the streets. After Morsi and some of his supporters promised to shed blood and burn Cairo if Shafiq won the election, Tantawi made a deal with Morsi.

I’m not concerned about whether Morsi’s victory is real or fake. What I’m afraid of is the future of my nation.

1- Women’s rights: female circumcision will be forced on girls aged between 6-12. Girls who are so young, who don’t know the damage of this barbaric surgery. In most cases it is performed by a barber not a doctor. It has caused a lot of death, little girls have bled to death.
Forcing women to wear hijab. The previous Brotherhood candidate, Abu-Ismail, said he would make all women wear hijab. And he said that women belong to the house, not in the field or in the office. I don’t know if Morsi will do that or not but it is the policy of the party.
Work and Education. There is a lot of talk that the Islamic government will prohibit women from working in the same office as men, and girls won’t be able to sit in the same classroom with boys.
2- Freedom of speech: will the new government allow freedom of speech? The Brotherhood’s history proves that they don’t accept others’ opinions.
3- Christians’ rights: for many centuries Christians and Muslims lived in peace side by side, brothers and sisters, but now I’m worried about Coptic Christians. They are Egyptians and they have the right to live and pray in their churches.
4- Tourism and the pharaohs’ legacy: tourism is a huge part of the Egyptian economy. Will Morsi allow tourism while many members in The Brotherhood are against tourism?
And the thing I’m worried most about is the pharaohs’ legacy, the pyramids and the ancient temples. Our great history might be in danger.
5- Hollywood of the East, what we call Egypt’s silver screen. Now that industry might be in danger too.

A few months ago there was a lot of talking from The Muslim Brotherhood party about fighting in a holy war to free Palestine and fight against Israel.

Morsi resigned from the membership of the Muslim Brotherhood party and from the Freedom and Justice party immediately after winning. And he also said he will honor all of Egypt’s international treaties including the peace treaty with Israel.  

Has Morsi realized that he can’t break the peace treaty with Israel and that’s why he resigned or it just another game? Is it a conspiracy? Is America really supporting the Islamists?

A million questions are in the air. Will Morsi be a good president? Will Morsi be an extremist president? No one knows and no one can predict the future and there is no way to know what the coming days have for us. Morsi is the president now. I don’t support him but I hope he proves me wrong and I hope he is a good president because the worst type of dictators are the religious ones.
I’m Muslim and I’m very proud of my religion. The Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t represent Muslims.

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