Saturday, June 9, 2012

Potato Kofta

Kofta always means meat fingers and meatballs, but this is a recipe for vegetarians and potato lovers.

Serves 2

1- four potatoes
2- one onion
3- one carrot
4- teaspoon of salt
5- teaspoon of black pepper
6- one egg
7- two tablespoon of milk
8- soft breadcrumbs
9- oil

1- boil the potatoes until they’re at least 80% done.
2- after the potatoes are done drain them, peel them and smash them until they are soft.
3- shred the onion and the carrot.
4- mix all of them very well.
5- roll it into fingers or balls.
6- beat the egg in a different bowl and add two tablespoon of milk. and salt and black pepper and mix it well.
7- put the potato fingers in the egg.
8- then put them in the breadcrumbs and cover them well.
9- fry the fingers in deep oil.
10- keep stirring until it’s done. It takes less than five minutes to be done.

Enjoy and Be Al-hana We Al-shafe

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