Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Worst Zoos I Have Been To part 3

Giza zoo, Egypt. That zoo has a great history it opened on 1 March 1891 and it was built on 52 acres. Giza zoo had birds, animals and plants from all over the world. And it was considered one of the best zoos in the world in the early 20th century.

The zoo was always featured in the black and white Egyptian movies. Lovers went for a date there, have tea in the tea garden with a pond view where the swans were swimming freely in the huge pond, and the birds were flying not kept in cages. And the big animals had big enclosures.

Green plants and high trees everywhere you look. And a unique architecture. My parents told me that was the real image of the zoo a long time ago. Time changed everything.
Last time I went to the Giza zoo was 11 years ago and it was heartbreaking.

All of the animals were kept in tiny cages and the animals looked so broken and sad. A lot of the trees were dead. The beautiful buildings were broken and no one cared to fix it. There is no fine if a visitor harasses the animals and unfortunately I’ve witnessed teenagers harassing the animals and the guards didn’t stop them. And trash was everywhere at the zoo.

I’ve heard about the vets and the guards abusing the animals in Giza zoo but I haven’t seen any evidence. However, if the rumors are true I wouldn’t be surprised.
Last May there was an incident. Two female bears got killed and the statement that came out of the zoo administration was shameful. The statement said that the 2 females got in a fight in mating season and the fight went on for few hours until the bears died. Where were the vets and guards? They even didn’t give them sedative.

Here’s a link for the article in one of the newspapers below. Warning: it has some disturbing photos.
This is the article

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