Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mursi The Terrorist- Egypt's journey for freedom

Egyptians are fighting for freedom, for future and for democracy. A year ago when Mursi was elected to be presdint I knew for sure that the election was fixed. As a muslim Egyptian I know how much people dislike Muslim brotherhood, people don't trust them and people know their bloody history. Muslim brotherhood wash their hands with blood.

Last night Mursi spoke and said "I will not step down." And the speech was a threat for everyone spoke aganist him. Mursi said the word "Legitimacy" about a 100 times in one hour. He pointed his finger as he said legitimacy. Right after the speech Muslim brotherhood supporters went out and attacked the peaceful protests in every sqaure in Egypt. Hundreds got killed and thousands got injured. The brotherhood sent thugs to terroize women, the thugs raped women and stabbed them in their vagina. They did that to force women to stay home. They killed and still killing children.

Mursi is a terrorist, he knows nothing about democracy. How many people have to die?
Mursi is killing Egyptians and the world is watching. Mursi is a criminal and should be in jail where he came from.

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