Monday, March 18, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful Review

The wizard of Oz 1939 is one of my all time favorite movie, I grew up watching that movie and I loved the Oz world. When I heard of the new movie release I had to watch it. Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the movie with friends.
Oz the Great and Powerful had such an amazing visual effects. However, the movie had some plot holes and I still like the original The Wizard of Oz much more.

Here are some of the plot holes:
1- With the first glance at Evanora I knew she is wicked. How did I know, her dress said it all.
2- Evanora convinced Oz that Glinda is evil and must be destroyed. Oz goes with Finely and china girl to the dark forest, they met Glinda and they were afraid of her but once she showed her face they weren't afraid anymore. Glinda told them she is the good witch and they believed her right the way. And Oz and her company didn't think she might be lying. All of this because Glinda had the power of the beautiful face. As Disney always said beautiful people are good.
3- Rachel Weisz who played Evanora the wicked. Evanora hated Glinda because Glinda is beautiful and the director didn't know how beautiful Rachel Weisz is.
4- Evanora deceived her sister Theodora for many years and the good sister didn't know the wicked one is in fact her sister Evanora. Theodora had a broken heart and decided to be evil with no reason. right before Theodora turned to the green evil witch she knew that Evanora is evil and lied about pretty much everything and yet she chose to be evil anyway.
5- After Theodora became evil I really thought her heart died or she doesn't feel anything anymore but at the very end "I Hate You." Theodora said to Oz. That's mean she still having some feelings in her heart.
6- Evanora and Glinda fought, Glinda won and we got to see Evanora true face which of course was a typical ugly and old witch face. If Evanora that old how come her sister Theodora didn't know about it?
7- Glinda is so good she even let the witches go free without thinking that the witches will come back to Oz someday and kill everyone.

Those are the holes that I could remember. Oz the Great and Powerful worth the watch anyway.


  1. Fine review Dina. Just like the original, there are some elements that kids may be scared by (the flying monkeys are terrifying, even for a 19-year old like myself), but it's still a perfect family movie.

  2. I believe that people are entitled to their opinions. But my memories of "OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL" and yours seemed to be a cross purposes. For example:

    "Theodora had a broken heart and decided to be evil with no reason."

    Are you kidding me? Really?

    1. Some people loved the movie and some didn't like it, as for myself I thought the movie is a good family movie and as I said before it worth the watch, but the movie had many holes and yes Theodora had no reason to be evil.

      If every person with a broken heart turned evil the world would be very evil place, even in a fantasy world like Oz. In the beginning of the movie Theodora was such a sweetheart, she was loving and cared about the people of Oz and wanted to protect them from the evil witch. Her heart got broken and she knew her sister Evanora was the wicked one and even though she chose to be evil. Okay she wanted to make the wizard and Glinda suffer but why did she want to punish the people she cared about once? There was no reason in the movie to do so.
      I think the movie needed a stronger reason for Theodora to be that evil. For example the commoners didn't like her, or commoners have been mean to her, etc.

      A broken heart caused by a man she spent one day with, what a good reason to be evil.