Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cumin and Cheese Bites

As always I’m posting a new fast and easy snack recipe. It doesn’t cost much and it doesn’t take a long time.

5-10 pieces

1- One cup of high quality flour.
2- Two eggs.
3- 30g of butter. I used one tablespoon of butter.
4- One tablespoon of instant dry yeast.
5- Half a teaspoon of sugar.
6- Half a teaspoon of salt.
7- Three tablespoon of cumin powder.
8- One tablespoon of cumin seed.
9- Some mozzarella cheese.
10- A cup of warm water.
11- A few spoons of milk.

1- Bring a deep bowl and mix the flour, one egg, butter, yeast, sugar and cumin.
2- After mixing the ingredients well add some water to make the dough. You can use your hand or a mixer. I use my hands.
3- Keep mixing the dough with your hand and you can add more water if needed.
4- Add the salt to the dough and mix again.
5- After a few minutes you’ll notice that the dough feels smooth and doesn’t stick to your hand.
6- Bring the board and put some flour on the surface and put the dough on it and cover it with a clean kitchen towel.
7- Let it sit for 20 minutes.
8- You may use a rolling pin to roll the dough thin.
9- Use a knife and cut to into small pieces.
10- Put some cheese inside the piece and fold it.
11- Beat an egg in a different bowl and mix it with milk.
12- Use a kitchen brush and grease the top of the bites.
13- Add mozzarella cheese or cumin seed on the top of them.
14- Leave it for ten minutes.
15- Put it in a preheated oven 220c .
16- The cooking time 10-12 minutes.

I’m using an electric oven.

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