Friday, October 5, 2012

Writing A New History

As Egypt is celebrating the victory of 6 October, there is a photo going around on Facebook. The photo is supposed to be the cover of a newspaper.
In this photo the writer of the article and some union workers are congratulating Mohamed Morsy for the anniversary of the victory. Not only that, the writer claims that Morsy was one of the military leaders of the war. Morsy wasn’t in that war. Morsy didn’t serve his country and wasn’t part of the victory. 
Some people made comments on Facebook and said “that photo is fake and Photoshopped.”
Morsy might want to rewrite history and erase Mubarak’s legacy. Mubarak is a hero of war and peace. No one can change that. Morsy didn’t fight and had nothing to do with this photo. That shows how hypocritical the media is. If this photo is Photoshopped and someone posted it on Facebook, it means someone wants to make fake history. The coming generations will not know the real story.
In this video below Sadat said “Mubarak didn’t just fight in the war, Mubarak was one of the factors of the victory. And that’s why I chose him to be my vice president.” 

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