Thursday, October 11, 2012

Apple Custard Pie

An easy dessert for your family. Can be eaten warm or cold.

1- Four apples.
2- Three tablespoons of custard.
3- Two cups of milk.
4- Sugar.

1- Cut the apple to small pieces.
2- Put it in a pot and cover it with sugar.
3- Turn the burner on low heat.
4- Leave it until the apple loses some water.
5- After the apple is soft, turn the burner off.
6- Keep the apple’s water in a bowl and the apple’s pieces in another bowl.
7- Pour the milk in a deep pot and add the custard. Low heat.
8- Use a whisk to stir the custard.
9- Add the apple’s water to the custard.
10- Keep stirring until the custard is thick enough.
11- Bring an oven tray.
12- Add half of the custard in the bottom of the tray.
13- Add the apple.
14- Pour the other half of the custard on the top of the apple.
15- Place the tray in a preheated oven, 240 C.
16- After 30 minutes it will be brown and done. The cooking time is different between gas oven and electric oven. I'm using an electric oven.

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