Monday, May 21, 2012

Why the Muslim Brotherhood And Salafi Shouldn’t be in Power

As an Egyptian and Muslim I can say that the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi know nothing about Islam but its name only. They are using religion as a curtain to cover up their true face. They are using religion to make people who don’t know their religion well follow them, and the history of Muslim Brotherhood is known to be full of blood and hate.

Before what’s called the Arab spring in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t have much power and we didn’t hear about Salafi before. Now, unfortunately, after Mubarak’s regime fell, they have come out seeking power and the big chair.

The majority of Egyptians don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood, but despite this they have won many seats in the parliament. Were the elections fixed? No one knows.

Here are the reasons why the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi shouldn’t have any power over Egypt.

1- The pyramids: in the Salafi agenda (if they win the coming election) the pyramids should be destroyed and all of the ancient temples, too, because the pharaohs used to pray to their gods in the temples.

When the Islamic leader Amr ibn Al-as received a message from the Christian priests asking for help and to be saved from the Roman occupation, he came to Egypt and fought the Romans and respected the old history of the nation and didn’t destroy anything. Amr ibn Al-as built a mosque next to a church and a Jewish temple to say that the different religions should live in peace and harmony.

2- Female circumcision: it was illegal in Mubarak’s regime. The Muslim Brotherhood believes girls must be circumcised so the girls don’t feel horny and have sex before marriage. There is no phrase in the holy book or any hadith said that girls should have circumcision.

3- Women’s rights: for over thirty years the former first lady Suzan Mubarak fought for women’s right and now it’s all going to fade. A Muslim Brotherhood senator, who is unfortunately a woman, Azza Al-garf, wants to cancel the law against sexual harassment, so if a guy harasses a woman he won’t get punished. In fact, she blames girls for the harassment! She blames the victims.

*In Egypt we have a law saying if a husband divorces his wife for no reason and the wife has a baby, the wife takes the apartment. Al-garf want to cancel that law, too, so if a mother who is staying home gets divorced and she has no money her ex husband can throw her in streets.

*The Al Khool law: it’s one of the best laws in Egypt, giving women the right to get divorced. Many times the husband refuses to divorce his wife and forces her to live with him against her will. If the wife goes to the court it takes years and years, so we have that Al-Khool law. If the wife doesn’t want to live with her husband, she has the right to get divorced by giving the husband back the bride price he paid. And of course Al-garf wants to cancel that law too.

Al-garf wants to repeal all of the laws that help women and she supposed to represent women.

4- A woman’s place is in the home: the Muslim Brotherhood says that women shouldn’t work and women belong to the home. In Islam there is nothing against working women. The Muslim Brotherhood are confused between religion and culture.

5- The Muslim Brotherhood is anti-peace and supports violence: they support violence and killing the innocent. They support the killing of Al-Sadat, the president of peace. He was killed because he signed the Camp David peace treaty with Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is thinking of Khalid Islambouli and the other assassins as heroes not murderers.

6- Christians’ rights: Coptic Christians won’t have any rights if the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate wins the election. All of the high positions will be exclusive for the brotherhood. And some Salafi burned churches before.

7- Freedom of speech: it’s only words for them. They believe in freedom of speech only for themselves. They can say anything, but they forbid people to talk freely.

8- Media and movies: Adel Emam is one of the most famous Egyptian actors. He is so popular and loved all over the Middle East. Adel Emam is facing prison now because of a movie he starred in in 1994 “The Terrorist.” It’s about a man who was fooled by a group of extremists and he became a terrorist, killing innocents without thinking. Later in the movie he realizes that the extremists are doing terror attacks for money and business and they are liars, and he realizes that he was wrong. He regrets all he has done and he wants to turn himself in to the police, but the extremists kill him first. Now, 18 years after the movie, the Muslim Brotherhood got a chance to control writers and actors in the media. They are using a law that prohibits people from depicting Islam negatively to prosecute him.

Adel Emam used to speak against Mubarak’s government and he was never punished or jailed.

9- The Muslim Brotherhood’s empire: if the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate becomes president of Egypt, it will not be an Islamic country. It will be a Muslim Brotherhood empire. There will not be freedom of religion. They think Muslims who aren’t following them are infidels, so even Muslims need protection from the Muslim Brotherhood.

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