Thursday, May 17, 2012

Culture Shock in South Korea

Korea was the first country I traveled to, Korean dramas in Egypt are very popular and that was the reason I loved Korea and wanted to visit it.
When I came to Korea I discovered that dramas are a thing and the real life is a different thing.

My first shock was the bathrooms had no bidets, I might sound silly but every house in Egypt has one so I thought they are everywhere in the world.

2- Korea's drinking culture: some people drink to have fun, some people get drunk and do something stupid but here in Korea people drink until they black out in the streets. I saw many men wearing business suit and they were lying on the sidewalk.

3- Spitting: usually spitting in street considered rude but not in Korea. People spit all the time in front of restaurants, in subway stations and everywhere.

4- Don’t get involved culture: this one is driving me crazy, Korean people are nice but when they see someone in trouble they act as if there is nothing, if they heard a girl screaming they will act as if they don’t hear anything.

5- Peeing in the streets: in many countries it’s illegal but in Korea it’s very normal especially at night.

6- Korean fashion: so the fashion here is kind of weird Korean girls wear very short skirts that showing their butts but they don’t show arms and cleavage. After three years in Korea I still don’t get it.

7- young men and purses: yes men are wearing purses and walk holding it in the streets, go work or to schools.

8- Korean guys and make-up: Korean guys wear face foundation and whitening powder to be pretty.

Korea is a beautiful country and the people are generally nice, and it’s like any other country has good and bad things.

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