Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food in Malaysia:

P.S: I wasn’t paid to write this post it is my personal opinion.

Food in Malaysia:
Food is my favorite thing in Malaysia from street food to fancy restaurants. It is always cheap, spicy and delicious.
Malaysia has Halal food, but Western restaurants serve pork and there are many international restaurants as well. Everyone can find his taste.

Kuala Lumpur:
Street food and fried bananas! I never knew the bananas can taste that good before.
We went to an Indonesian restaurant and ordered 5 dishes and drinks for less than 20$. I had a drink called ice teler. It’s iced juices with tropical fruits. It’s the best juice I ever had.
Secret Recipe restaurant and café is very good and cheap.

Ice Teler

Tarbush restaurant has Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines. The falafel there was amazing.
There are many western restaurants along by the beach.

In Langkawi I had the best food ever in the Mexican restaurant. I had a heavenly dish - it was my first time to eat deer and oh my god it was great.


In the Lebanese restaurant the Falafel was overcooked and they served it alone with no bread, no sauce, and the chicken kebab was cold.

There’s a Russian restaurant in the quay for romantic nights: dinner with sea view and fresh breezes. I had beef in a pot and it should be happiness in a pot. It was nothing less than great.
Beef in a Pot

The Friday market had all kind of food: beef, chicken and vegetables. Everything is tasty and cheap.

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