Saturday, March 3, 2012

Budget Traveller Diaries:

Escaping the Korean Winter to Malaysia:

Late January to February are the coldest months in Korea. My husband and I wanted to escape the winter to a warm place where we could have fun, see new things, eat new food and hang on the beach and Malaysia is the perfect place for that.
We made a budget $100 per day for two people including the accommodation. 
If you are a budget traveller and don’t mind the small seats and buying water on the airplane, Air Asia would be good for you.

Kuala Lumpur: 

We landed in Kuala Lumpur around 6:00 A.M. Sunrise was the first thing I saw in Malaysia. We went to a three-star hotel downtown which cost $38 per night. 

Things I did in Kuala Lumpur:

1- went to China town seeking cheap shopping but I wasn’t impressed with the products. But on the way we visited an old Chinese temple. It is amazing how art can live so long and yet touch you when you see it. 

2- shopping in big shopping malls. Compared to South Korea, Malaysia is very cheap so even when I bought a dress from a big mall it was cheaper than a street shop in Korea.

3- bears street. I loved that street. There was a bear from every country. Can you guess how the Egyptian bear looks? 

4- doctor fish. Once I put my feet in the tank I couldn’t stop laughing. The small fishes are so tickling! 30 minutes for 30RM about $10. 

5- Bird park. It is a huge park with nice artificial waterfalls allowing you to walk very close to the birds and feed them, but some birds are very aggressive - they left marks on my hands! While passing by a big bird’s cage we saw a small mouse stealing the bird’s food. To leave the park you must take a taxi from the taxi counter where they charge you double for the short trip.

6- in one of the traveling guides, the writer recommended Cosmo world so we went there and other than rides there wasn’t much to do but the haunted house was great and funny. It was all manual! The worker leads the way and pushes the statues in front of us it was fun. 

7- Sunway Park. It was the best thing in Kuala Lumpur. A water park and extreme park and wild park where we watched an animal show starting with only 3 animals, but yet was good. Scream park? I have no idea what it is. We didn’t check it out.
Bears Fight

Extreme Park

Things to avoid in Kuala Lumpur:

Taxies are the worst thing in Malaysia. We went for dinner with a friend who lives there and we took a taxi two short subway stops from our hotel. The taxi driver refused to use the meter. My friend asked the driver to use the meter and he refused again saying: I will tell you how much it is. 

My friend told him that refusing using the meter is illegal in Malaysia. Use the meter now or we will report you. 
So the driver used the meter with a big sigh and dropped us in the main street. We walked a few meters to the hotel but the creepy thing is the driver followed us step by step to the entrance of the hotel.

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