Friday, March 30, 2012

Egyptian Charity Dinner for the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo

The children’s cancer hospital is a happy place for children who are suffering. The hospital helps them to get over the pain, to laugh and try to live normally. And it is the biggest cancer hospital in the Middle East.

The hospital has entertainment programs and it has school inside its buildings.

I used to live five minutes away from the hospital. I have seen the great changes in the area, from old slaughterhouses to an amazing organization.

The hospital was built by donations. I remember when the hospital was under construction all of the Egyptians donated, even the poor families. The students saved their allowance to donate it. The hospital offers free treatment by donations.

I live in South Korea now but I’ve never forgotten about the children with cancer. My husband and I organized a charity dinner to raise money for the hospital, and it was a lovely event. Many people of different nationalities and different cultures came to donate. All of them have something in common - all of them wanted to help children and by the end of he night we raised about $250.

I did what I do best; I cooked Egyptian dishes. You too can help by organizing a small event, yard sale, a charity dinner, or Egyptian movie night. It doesn’t matter how much you donate. Every dollar can help.

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