Friday, February 24, 2012

The worst movies of 2011:

The worst movies of 2011:
Watching movies is a joy for me when I watch a good movie I smile and feel satisfied but unfortunately most movies I saw in 2011 were disappointing and some of them were unbearable to watch and some were ok… watchable but not good.
I was a huge fan of the wizard boy but it was one of the most disappointing movies.
1- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: it was a cold night when I went to the movie theater to watch part one and the movie wasn’t worth walking in freezing weather. When part two came out I waited and watched it at home and thank god I did that. The writer reached that point of losing all of her ideas, so in the end she had to kill some characters. And in the last scene the make-up artist failed to make teenagers look like parents.

2- Cowboys and Aliens: from the title I knew it would be bad, but it had Harrison Ford and I believed he couldn’t make a worse movie than the last Indiana Jones “and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” so why not give it a try? The movie was a disaster - so predictable, had a stolen scene from “The Legend of the Guardians” animation movie when the owls faced the light and their mind became absent. Anyway Harrison Ford insulted his history by doing that movie and Daniel Craig being a handsome man is one thing but being a good actor is another thing.

3- Transformers and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley the model: Miss Rosie you belong on the runway where you don’t have to talk or act. As for Shia Labeouf you need to be more mature and pick good movies and about the movie it was impossible to watch. I spent the first 40 minutes hoping the movie would be better, but then I couldn’t finish it.

4- Twilight “ Breaking Dawn”: movie theaters should hang a sign “under 19 years old only,” because I can’t imagine an adult person enjoying Twilight. What some call the Twilight Saga is full of boring romance and cold acting and has nothing to do with vampires. Oh wait, the pretty vampire sparkles under the sun.

5- The Priest: that movie isn’t worth talking about so I’ll keep as short as I can. Old story, bad graphics, and terrible acting.

6- Dawn of the Dragon Slayer: I have to admit I like that the moviemakers had a dream to make a movie and they did it but the movie was bad. I won’t talk about the fake accent or the cartoon dragon. I was surprised to know the movie took three writers to write a bad script and some scenes felt like the writers couldn’t fill the 90 minutes. That’s why there was a lot of nature pictures. The whole world had about six or seven people. There were no people living at any village or even passing by. The actors didn’t train to sword fight, the music, which is the best thing in the movie, sounded like too much for such a movie.

7-Horrible Bosses and Hall Pass: each of them started very well. Good acting and good comedy, but in both movies the last 30 minutes is filled with stupidity and bad jokes and the good acting suddenly became silly.

8-Zookeeper: such a sweet idea turned to be a silly movie falling down jokes and stupid people we’re supposed to laugh at, plus the animals’ voices! “The voice acting” was annoying.

9-The Smurfs: I can’t imagine the disappointment of the adult people who used to watch the cartoon before.

10- I’m Number Four: there are very few movies in which I cried while watching them and that movie made me cry, not because it was good or dramatic but because it was painful to watch. High school drama with aliens sucks. Dianna Agron whoever told you that you have talent lied to you.

11- In The Name of The King: horrible is the least I can call that movie.

12- Your Highness: the movie was made for 13 years old boys full of stupid fart jokes, sex and gender jokes.

13- Season of The Witch: Dear Nicolas Cage, you are such a great actor but I hate watching you wasting your talent in bad and ok movies.

14- Abduction: I wasted the $7 ticket price on that movie, most of which didn’t make sense. IMDB said Lily Collins’ main interest was journalism and I really wish she went back to write and stop acting.

15- Contagion: big names for small scenes. None of the characters had enough space. I didn’t get to know any of the characters. I just watched a bunch of characters I didn’t care about dying.

1- True Blood: awesomely bad as always but season 4 was the worst. Episode one didn’t make any sense at all the writers even didn’t finish the evil fairy’s story and the last episode had a lot of death trying to make it dramatic.

2- Walking Dead: I believe Walking Dead season 1 is the best zombie show ever made. I was so happy to watch it and couldn’t wait to see season 2, but unfortunately the writers lost it. The show turned from a zombie show to a drama. The characters eat, sleep and have sex and nothing happens. My advice to the writers is to stop the show while it is still good.

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