Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fast and Easy Egyptain Recipes on

My book "Fast and Easy Egyptian Recipes" is available now on
For 3$ you can bring the taste of the Nile to you and your family. And you will cook like an Egyptian. And know how I started cooking and how I became famous in the local community by Egyptian food.  The book also talks about the Egyptian food culture and how Egyptians eat.
Fast and Easy Egyptian Recipes has 20 recipes and each takes 20 minutes to make. Get new ideas for dinner, beverages and desserts.

 If you don't have a kindle, you still can buy and have the book by downloading the free kindle reader apps. on you PC and laptop.


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  2. I recommend you buy this book if you like Egyptian food, or even if you are new to cooking and eating it. Seriously good taste and healthy too.