Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sh*t People Say

Shit People say:
Being an Egyptian woman living overseas has exposed me to a lot of stupid questions and conversations. Here is some of it, and I will start with Koreans:
1-in Korea we have 4 seasons. How many seasons in Egypt?
2- I’m yellow what are you? 

3- Does Egypt have computers? 

4- Does Egypt have bridges and roads? 

5- What are you doing in Korea?
Answer: Traveling. 

Q: Alone?! But you are a woman. 

6- Pig-no- Islam. 

7- You Arabo.

8- Do you eat rice with your hand? 

9- What’s your blood type? 

10- Mohammed. 

11- How did you learn English?

Answer: in school. 

Q- So there are schools in Egypt?!

12- Are there Christians in Egypt? 

13- Can you eat with chopsticks? 

14- Do you like kimchi? 

15- What language do you speak in Egypt?
16- Do you have to wear hijab in Egypt?
17- Can you eat spicy food?
18- Do you like Korea drama?

1- Did you go to your school by camel?
2- Where is Egypt on the map? 

3- Muslims can’t be white. 

4- Can you belly dance? 

5- Does every man has four wives? 

6- Is Egypt all desert? 

7- Do you live in a desert? 

8- Say something in Arabic. 

9- Apples are American.

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