Saturday, August 10, 2013

Writing in English as A Second Language

People always ask me why an Egyptian woman writes in English. Well the answer is very simple. I write in English so my American husband can read my stories.

Writing in English is always a challenge, there are some mistakes like grammar, or when to put “a”, punctuations and misspelling. Usually I write with a pencil in a notebook and sometimes I forget to write a whole sentence.

I started writing in English 3 years ago and I learned one thing. Writing in a second language isn’t that hard, it’s not as hard as people would think. For this reason my dear friend Val Hamer and I started a Facebook page to support authors who write in a second language. We are more than happy to give advice, to help you and talk about writing. If you have any questions please join the group. The link's below.

ESL Authors/writers

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