Monday, June 10, 2013

Writing For the Animals and Writing Contest Entry

When I visited Thailand I felt I was in heaven. The beauty of nature there was breathtaking, and everything else there was beautiful except one thing. which broke my heart. I saw a lot of animal abuse going on there. I’m not talking about stray dogs and cats. I’m talking about elephants. Unfortunately, a lot of owners are abusing their elephants, chaining them, make them beg for food, beating them and making them work in rides. And, unfortunately, some of the government offices are letting that abuse continue.

I visited the elephant nature park where they rescue the abused elephants, and I saw the amazing work of people who want to save the animals and give them the lives they deserve. The Tourism Authority of Thailand Newsroom is having a contest about what inspired you the most in Thailand. Once I found out about this writing contest I knew right away what I want to write about. I wrote an article about the Elephant Nature Park. I had to take this opportunity to tell people how great the elephant park is and also to make the animals lovers’ voices heard.

Please read my article and hit like on the top left of the article, the link is below.
hearts for the elephants

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