Friday, June 14, 2013

The Worst Zoos I Have Been To. Part 1

I come from a family that respects animals. I grew up hearing stories about my grandfather and how he saved a horse from getting beaten by its owner. The story goes like this: a long time ago in the early 50s my grandfather was standing in his shop and saw a weak horse moving a big wagon and the owner was whipping the horse to keep moving.

The poor horse fell down. My grandfather couldn’t see that and stand still, and he fought with the owner. “If you’re that nice to the animals, why don’t you move the wagon and help the horse?” the owner said.

My grandfather, who was big and healthy, did it. He put the ropes around his arms and dragged the wagon all by himself for a few blocks. He did that to let the horse rest; he endured pain to relieve the poor animal from pain.

My love for animals made me hate zoos. I don’t like seeing animals in cages, especially small cages. However, I believe animals feel happy when they meet visitors who really love them. Yes, animals have feelings and they know happiness and sadness. And that is the reason why I go to zoos.
I’ve been to good and bad zoos, but the worst zoo I’ve been to is Crocodile Farm and Zoo Samutprakan in Thailand.

Elephants are in chain and their space was tiny

No safety measures in the hippo’s pool

3 lionesses in small cage

And a crocodile show

This zoo is one of the saddest zoos in the world.

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