Monday, April 8, 2013

FEMEN And Hypocrisy

As I read that article I felt anger and rage, FEMEN members acts were very offensive to me on so many levels. Ever since I started my travels in 2008 I’ve met a lot of racist people, they didn’t like talking to me because I’m Muslim, because I’m Egyptian and some of them didn’t like me because I’m a feminist.

The internet has tons of false information about Islam, Muslims and Arab countries, I’ve always told myself that I can’t change the hearts that filled with hatred, ignorance and racism. I wasn’t just offended because those women who call themselves feminist insulted my religion. A lot of people insult Islam every day and I think they should be ignored. The act of FEMEN members offended me as a woman and as a feminist and because they’re liars. They claimed that all of Muslim women, millions of women and every single woman who is wearing Hijab were forced to wear it. And women in Middle East are slaves and stupid and FEMEN should save them.

I chose to be Muslim , I lived 25 years in Egypt and no one ever forced me to wear Hijab, The men in my family have never abused me, they loved me and took good care of me, my family have never told me what to do. I went to schools in Cairo, I went to college in Cairo, I have a business administration degree from Cairo, and I’ve worked in Cairo in the public sector with men and everyone in my position men or women had the same salary, I’ve traveled to three countries solo, I’ve learned three languages in Cairo other than Arabic, I love my religion and I’ve never felt I’m less than the men in my family because I’m a woman, I love Egypt I don’t live in Egypt now because I met the love of my life while traveling in Korea, I stayed in Korea and we got married, I didn’t leave Egypt because I hate it or because I felt less any man there. FEMEN members believe women have the right to be naked but women don’t have the right to cover their hair or bodies. What hypocrites you are FEMEN members.

FEMEN protested to support the Tunisian activist Amina Tyler which is fine and I believe Amina has the right to protest with any mean she chooses and as for Islamists who want to punish her they just want media attention. To FEMEN members guess what you aren’t any better than those extreme Islamists they denied Amina’s right to do what she wants with her body and you are doing the same thing to millions of women who chose to wear Hijab. Yes there are some women who were forced to wear Hijab and there are some abusive men who happened to be Muslims and Arab. Abusive men are everywhere in the world not just in the Middle East.

FEMEN you are the worst group to speak of women’s right, if you really want to help Muslim women why don’t you start with protesting against the discrimination against Muslim women who wear Hijab in countries like America, France and other countries in Europe? Of course you won’t do that because you really don’t care about those women who have to fight every day for their right to choose to cover their head.

If you think I’m stupid because I’m a Muslim I would say you are racist and you don’t believe in the freedom you talk about, and if you say I’m a slave because I’m Muslim I would say you are slaves to your own ignorance.

This is the article.

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