Saturday, August 11, 2012

Grilled Fish

Fish is one of my favorite dishes. It’s healthy and delicious. Today I’ll share my special recipe, and it’s a15-20 minute meal.

Serves 2 people:

1- One mackerel fish.
2- One lemon.
3- Fresh parsley.
4- One tablespoon of smashed garlic.
5- Two teaspoon of cumin powder.
6- One teaspoon of salt.
7- One teaspoon of chili powder.

1- Bring a deep bowl and mix the garlic with spices.
2- Wash the fish and cut it into two halves.
3- Then rub the fish with the spices and keep it in fridge for an hour.
4- Slice a lemon.
5- Wrap the fish, lemon and the parsley with foil.
6- Place it on the top of the electric grill.

 And you will smell the delicious smell of the fish and after 15 minutes it’s done.

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