Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grilled Chicken with Vegetables

The recipe is so easy to prepare but the cooking time is about 90 minutes to 2 hours using an electric grill. The cooking time will be less if you use a gas oven. It’s very delicious and worth the time.

 Serves 2

1- three chicken breasts
2- one onion
3- one lemon juice
4-one tablespoon of vinegar
Spices, to taste
5- salt
6- black pepper
7- chili powder
8- cinnamon
9- one potato
10- one carrot
11- mushrooms

1- use a deep bowl.
2- slice the onion.
3- cut the chicken in half.
4- mix the onion with chicken and spices.
5- leave in fridge for 6 hours at least. I leave it overnight.
6- slice the potato, carrot and the mushrooms.
7- wrap the chicken, onion, potato, carrot and mushrooms with foil.
8- place it on the top of the electric grill.
And leave it to cook, and check it every 30 minutes until it’s done.
Be Al-Hana We Al-Shifa

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