Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Tiger’s Story

I’m very happy of my new release YA short story. A Tiger’s Story means a lot to me. Tigers are my favorite animals. I saw many abused tigers in the zoos. Some tigers were kept in tiny cages. Some were starving and others were sick, very thin and broken. That’s how tigers live in captivity.
Tigers are being killed and sold for their skin and body parts. Living I Asia opened my eyes on how tigers are being slaughtered and mistreated.

In 2012 my husband and I traveled to Malaysia and there I learened of how the lonely tiger of Lankawi island survived poaching, unfortunately her mother wasn’t lucky. The baby tiger survived and she is alive. However, she is kept in a small place. After this trip I really wanted to write about tigers and the fear they face everyday. Tigers don’t belong to captivity, they don’t belong to a zoo, they don’t belong to a circus and they shouldn’t be killed. Tigers should be free.
I wrote this story hoping to help educate young adult about tigers and the extinction of those beautiful creatures.

A Tiger’s Story is free on book promotion from Nov 12th to Nov 14th. Please download my story. The link is below

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