Thursday, November 3, 2011

Love Story With The Elephants

I didn't know a lot about elephants before my honeymoon last February. My husband and I went to the elephant nature park in Changmai and there i met the amazing creatures up close for the first time in my life i could touch, feed and bathe the elephants i had one of the best days in my life a memory that will never be forgotten and i learned a lot about them and i knew more about the great mission of saving the elephants .
each and every elephant has a bad memory before they were saved or as i always say “ The Elephant Park Is A happy place full of sad memories” and they inspired me of a short story , a fiction story inspired from real elephants .
i wrote about abusive owners , about how little elephants suffers in the streets of Hat Yai and the other elephants which is giving tourists rides and i wrote about the kind heart of Lek .
words are the best gift i could give to the elephants and we all can save them , please read my story and if you like it buy lunch to an elephant only 10$ can feed an elephant or buy medicine to heal an elephant .
thank you
Elephant Park

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